• Building Envelope Restoration

    Suncoast enhances its specialized service offering with broad experience in all other aspects of exterior renovation.  From the parapet to foundation, Suncoast can complete any scope of work up to and beyond twenty stories.

  • Concrete Repair

    Suncoast specializes in the repair, strengthening, and restoration of concrete structures.  Our capabilities include testing concrete for laboratory analysis of chloride content, petrography, and strength analysis.

    Combined with expedient and professional design, our repairs will last well beyond others.


  • Waterproofing

    Suncoast provides waterproofing that is more than just the application of coatings.  Our experience includes the reconstruction of problematic details, proper caulk joint design and installation, and manufacturer approved surface preparation before coatings are applied.

    Suncoast gives you the assurance that your last water leak will be your LAST water leak!


SunCoast Restoration

Building Restoration – Building Value

SunCoast is a specialty contracting company providing complete building envelope restoration services on commercial, government, higher education and institutional projects. We are licensed in most of the southeastern states as an unlimited category General Contractor. We have worked closely with highly reputable consultants and a growing list of repeat clients to successfully complete hundreds of projects since our founding in 2004.

SunCoast services are best suited for clients and consultants that seek to pre-qualify specialty construction firms by:
Experience: Length of time and similar in contract performance. Stability: Capital resources including bonding and use of standard accounting protocol. Risk Control: Levels of insurance, E-Verify and experienced project management. Risk Adversity: Dedication to safety, Drug Free workplace. Reliability: Bid to Specification

Concrete Repair

Post Tension Cable Repair, Crack Repair/Epoxy Injection, Expansion Joints, Structural Concrete Restoration, Carbon Fiber Reinforcement, Slab Jacking, Façade Stabilization


ANSI/IWCA 14.1 Roof Anchors, Glazing Repair, Aluminum Guard Railings, Kynar and Newlar Coatings, Wood and Metal Framing Repair, Siding Repair and Replacement, Roofing


Wet Sealing, Re-glazing, High Performance Coatings, Waterproof Traffic Coatings, Membrane Waterproofing, Through Wall Flashing, Caulking and Sealant Replacement, EIFS and Stucco Repairs, Elastomeric Coatings